Africa focused US-based accelerator tiphub has hosted a three-day Diaspora Demo Summit in Washington DC, with 12 startups graduating from the tiphub accelerator showcasing at the event.

Disrupt Africa reported in September 14 startups from across Africa and the diaspora were chosen to join the tiphub accelerator, which culminates with an Expo held at the Diaspora Demo Summit.

The Summit took place from November 12 to 14, featuring a series of workshops, expert panel discussions, and keynote talks – covering broad topics such as “Advancing Innovation in Products, Processes, and Business Models for Startups in Developing Markets” to “Social Impact at Scale”.

12 startups graduating from the eight-week accelerator also pitched their businesses to the audience.

Since pitching, seven of the startups have received investment enquiries, tiphub said.

Keynote speaker Patrick Munis, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of NewWave Telecom and Technologies also announced a virtual and augmented reality focused Code-a-thon in partnership with tiphub, which is scheduled to take place in late January.

Tiphub said it will continue its efforts to support African and diaspora entrepreneurs through a series of code-a-thons and bi-monthly founders forums.

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