Globe Interaction Mission

Globe Interaction is an organization that focuses on different aspects to help drive development in third world countries.

  1. Linking producers/creators to market resources.  So far we have created Globe Arts & Crafts to provide artisans a platform where their products can reach a much larger market (Other type products to follow).  The ultimate goal of Globe Arts&Crafts is not to import and sell these products, but to facilitate these producers reaching a larger client-base and facilitate the shipping process.
  2. Funding post high school education. Globe Interaction is working on starting The Julina Scholarship Fund in Haiti (to start) to help fund students post High School education in exchange for different types of community service (i.e. tutoring).  The fund will be funded by Globe Arts & Crafts, other future Globe Interaction’s for-profit initiatives  and Donations.
  3. Help Changing the Narrative. Globe Interaction is helping to change the narrative about developing countries by helping to shine some light on progressive/positive actions happening in those places.  Follow our Blog to view our posts.  We don’t believe perception is the only thing that matters for these countries’ development, but we do believe it has an impact.
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