How this local startup is revolutionizing Tanzania’s education sector

 Tanzanian startup tanzDevs is on a mission to revolutionize the country’s education sector through visual learning.  According to the company’s officials, it’s the best methodology for educating young people.

Launched last year, tanzDevs has developed Smart Darasa, an Android mobile platform with the ability to enhance regular textbooks and make them interactive, bringing contents to life in the form of video animation and 3D objects.

The startup designs and prints the books, with a student then able to scan diagrams and images using the mobile app to access the interactive images and videos. Primary school users are the current target market, with tanzDevs generating revenue from selling the textbooks. Later this year, the company plans to embed a subscription option into the app.

“This increases student engagement in the learning process and is a cost effective solution,” said Elias Elisante, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of tanzDevs. “This combination brings a quality learning experience, even in remote areas.”

He said the use of technology is a major advantage for the startup when it comes to scaling. Currently operating only in Dares Salaam, the company expects to grow into five neighboring regions in the next six months.

“We are just entering the market and we have already tested our products in schools and received positive feedback,” Elisante said.

Thus far, tanzDevs is self-funded. But the founders are now looking for partners to accelerate the impact of its project.  “The uptake has been positive. This is because of the kind of technology, and the timing. It is the right product at the right time. In our country digital inclusion is a burning issue,” said Elisante.  “Our product is portable, affordable and easy to adopt.”



Article originally published by Disrupt-Africa

Joanes Legiste

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